Sandra Winterfield, Inspired by Zeen, professional SEO & Marketer, USA, January 2018

Earlier this year we surveyed members of Dubai’s thriving start-up and entrepreneurial community to find out how they are using content marketing strategies to aid customer engagement, and what their biggest challenges are. So, what are the most popular types of content Middle Eastern startups are using?

In terms of content marketing as an aspect of an overall digital marketing strategy, it was encouraging to note that over 60% of entrepreneurs were looking to spend up to 25% of their digital marketing budget on content marketing.

Last year’s survey showed only 31% expected to devote 25% or more to content marketing.

Perhaps more impressively, 10% believe it will make up greater than 50% of their digital marketing budget, suggesting that some entrepreneurs are coming to rely on content marketing as their primary tool to reach audiences.

But what kind of content are they going to spend on?

Generally speaking, results showed that there is a rise in social media, infographics and email and a decline in use of print, podcasts and white papers among startups and entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

In this survey, social media was cited as the top content type for content marketing (23% of respondents). This is in line with Social Media Examiner’s Industry Report 2017 which revealed that 92% say social media is important to their marketing mix.

What are the most popular types of content middle eastern marketers are using?

“Which marketing trend will be the most important in 2018?
While it’s good to get a feel for the types of content users in the Middle East will be consuming over the next year, it’s vital that whatever type of content you create, it’s engaging and original.

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