Sandra Winterfield, Inspired by Zeen, professional SEO & Marketer, USA, January 2018

Adopting a multilingual content strategy is the only way to access a global market. If you speak to people in their mother tongue, your chances of converting them to customers increase significantly.

In a Gallup study for the European Commission, 42% of Internet users in Europe users admitted they never purchase products or services in any language but their own.

The Common Sense Advisory reported that we need 12 languages to communicate with 80% of the global online audience, and 21 languages if we want to achieve 90% of the potential audience.


Five quick tips for creating a multilingual content strategy

1. Consider different local versions of widely spoken languages such as Spanish, French and Portuguese, even English, and how it is used in different countries. Research the local target audience.

2. Choose your digital publishing platforms and channels carefully, based on what’s popular in different countries.

3. Choose only native speakers as translators who live in the country you want to market your content in.  Better still, a native agency.

4. What phrases and keywords do those living in foreign countries use in internet searches? Incorporate these into your content and SEO efforts.

5. Localise your images and other multimedia so that they are relevant to your new audience.

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