Zeentree publishes a digital magazine directly on your website. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective way for your brand to produce multilingual content to satisfy today’s content-hungry online marketplace.

We will circulate your topics and articles on a monthly basis, publishing directly to your site as soon as it’s approved.

Striking the right balance with news, opinion and industry insight, you’ll receive bespoke content to sustain a digital magazine published directly onto your website.

featuresInternational Network

Zeentree has a large international network of journalists and editors all native to the language and country they are writing for. You can rest assured that our content is unique, original and newsworthy. Languages we currently service include English UK, English US, Russian, Arabic, Chinese.

featuresSEO and Content Marketing

Success in SEO means publishing fresh dynamic and authoritative content on your website. Zeentree does exactly that. Trending news and articles increase the authority of your site in the eyes of Google. In fact, Zeentree was originally conceived for our SEO clients. We needed a high-quality low-cost solution to publish content on our client’s websites. So we invented Zeentree. Every piece of content produced by Zeentree is SEO optimised.


The Zeentree team will drive visits to your site through Native Advertising to enhance your inbound marketing strategy. By promoting each article across premium publications, we will drive people interested in your content to your website.


Zeentree’s network of global content writers and journalists ensures that all content is written in its native language. We understand the intricacies of language and are adamant that translation should not be automated. Instead, we have spent time nurturing an international network or journalists native to their country, capable of producing original content in four languages; each language at the same cost.

featuresAny Industry

Your Zeentree team will include at least one key industry expert to provide a respected opinion in your area of business. This will build your credibility as your key messaging is communicated effectively.