Zeentree is the secret tactic within any online content marketing strategy. A digital magazine can create an additional brand experience, conversing with your customers in a different way. Regular, fresh content will resonate with your audience, increasing engagement and, ultimately, sales.

You can reach new audiences and foster better relationships with your current customers, fulfilling the goals of your content marketing strategy.



Banks and financial institution websites mainly provide detailed information about their own products and services. A digital magazine can complement this with relevant news and financial information can become your customers’ first source for this content.

A lifestyle magazine covering personal finance offers a friendlier, more approachable feel.Customers then get to know your brand better.

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In such a competitive industry, consumers are often bombarded with aggressive sales messages too early in the purchase decision process.

Digital magazines are a non-intrusive means for customers to attain more information on cities and resorts or read general articles and opinion pieces.

Armed with ready-to-purchase intent, this information helps build trust and credibility with your customers so that they’re likely to make that valuable purchase on your site.

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Want to be seen as an authority in your industry?

Are you applying for a new job? Or do you want to increase your personal network of industry leaders?

You need Zeentree to curate and propagate industry-leading news and articles with your own opinion, across your social websites or your own blog. Zeentree’s journalists will interview you regularly – it’s like having your very own PR agency at your fingertips!