Research by Zeentree.com shows that 63% of marketers in the region plan to increase content marketing budgets over the next year.

Dubai, 1st August 2016 – Zeentree.com has released findings from its second survey on the importance of content marketing in the Middle East. This year, Dubai’s thriving start-up and entrepreneurial community were surveyed to find out how they are using content marketing strategies to aid customer engagement, and what their biggest challenges are. Overall, a huge 71% expected content marketing to be ‘very important’ in the future, with 63% increasing budgets for content marketing next year.

The Content Marketing Survey 2016 reveals the views of the start-up industry’s leading talents and was conducted during the 2016 STEP Conference for Entrepreneurship in Dubai. This annual study of Content Marketing in the Middle East region provides a detailed look at the landscape in the Middle East and provides an indication of the regions’ appetite for content, looking at many aspects of online marketing including use of digital channels, languages used, outsourcing, budgets available, along with unearthing the challenges it brings.

Explaining the reason behind the survey, Lee Mancini, Managing Director of Zeentree.com says, “Content Marketing is no longer a new concept as we now see mature strategies being implemented in the region. However, what is interesting to see is how valuable the channel is for businesses with smaller budgets. The sooner local brands and publishers start investing in regularly publishing quality content in multiple languages, and adjusting their content marketing strategy according to performance data, the sooner they’ll see a ROI that’s guaranteed to outpace that of advertising spend. By understanding the value of using trusted and premium content production services such as Zeentree.com, content creation will become a more valued part of any marketing plan and the secret weapon to expand successfully into multi-lingual markets.”

The key finding of the survey are:

  • Lack of quality translations means English remains the language of client communication, with only 34% using Arabic for branded content.
  • Entrepreneurs rely heavily on social media for marketing purposed, but content marketing is the 4th popular channel.
  • 76% of start-up entrepreneurs will increase their digital marketing budget next year.
  • Content marketing is very important for 71% of start-ups.
  • 63% of start-ups are increasing budgets for content marketing in 2017.
  • Majority of start-up businesses are spending up to 1⁄4 of their budgets on content marketing.
  • Social media, e-newsletters and infographics are the top content types for young businesses.
  • 80% of start-ups produce content in-house – lack of budget is the greatest barrier against creating content.
  • Quality assurance presents the biggest challenge for multi-lingual content

Having a web presence by definition demands creating content on a continuous basis to keep users informed of your brand. If visitors aren’t finding new and improved content on your site, they have no reason to return? The same goes for search engines. Regularly updated, fresh and original content – branded, native or general – means you are more regularly indexed by search engines, and more visible to potential customers.

Zeentree removes the main concerns of content creation as highlighted by this year’s Middle East Content Marketing survey. It is uniquely positioned to offer affordable, quality content on a regular basis that can be automatically published across multiple platforms, in the language your audience speaks.

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