As SEO and digital marketing conferences go, each year we are more spoilt for choice than the previous. To stay ahead of this ever-changing game you need to be where the action is, and what worked last year is likely to be old hat by now.

One of the hottest tickets on this circuit this year is BrightonSEO, a conference that has grown by leaps and bounds since its first gathering in a pub in the seaside town in Britain just a couple of years ago.

Speakers with interesting insights at BrightonSEO in September

Phil Nottingham – Video Strategist at Wistia

Video remains one of the most popular forms of content marketing, but publishers are shy to invest in this format due to 1: being unconvinced of the ROI and, 2: not having enough cash to create.

So, is video worth it? Phil may know. At Wistia, a video hosting analytics platform that helps businesses manage, customise and measure video content across the globe, Phil uses creative video to help businesses better speak to their customers.

Phil famously said: “Before creating a video, fill in the blanks: “The purpose of this video is to_____the audience to ____”. Once you’ve defined that, you are in a better position to decide if you’re going to continue.

Then, what are the consequences of embeds? Should your video point to YouTube or Vimeo, or to a company’s site? And why isn’t SEO included in the creative process of video creation?

Find the answers to these and many more questions you’ve had in the back of your head by listening to Phil.

Daniel Kershaw – PhD Researcher into Social Computing

This young social computing researcher from Lancaster University will be talking about language innovation and change in on-line social networks.

This would be of interest to Facebook, that is struggling to interpret and translate the volumes and reams of colloquialisms and slang posted by members – who tend to post as they speak – on its platform.

Daniel’s Ph.D looks at forecasting online language change through the use of predictive and descriptive methodologies, using data sets mined from a number of online social networks.

If this all sounds a bit geeky, it is, but it’s essential to know the obstacles you’ll face when communicating with different communities in an increasingly globalised world.

Christopher C Cemper – CEO of LinkResearchTools, Link Detox and Impactana

An SEO conference won’t be an SEO conference without a lot of in-depth, often confusing discussion about SEO. Enter Austria’s Christopher C. Cemper, who spoke about seven things we didn’t know about links and redirects during the April 2016 BrightonSEO conference.

Back with more, this September he is going to tell us seven new things we just don’t get about Google’s first ranking factor: links, and how changes and redirects have evolved in just a couple of months.

Cemper is also passionate about link detoxing, recovering fast from Google penalties, monitoring backlink profiles and keeping your online business safe from the dangers of negative SEO. Don’t miss him.

Find the full line-up of speakers at BrightonSEO.

Image: BrightonSEO, September 2015, source: BrightonSEO, Brighton Dome.

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