If day one at Content Marketing World was a call to arms, day two and three provided the battle plan. During these two days, several speakers covered the “how-to.” How they’ve made content marketing into a product of their passions. How they’ve used content to implement world change. The keynote on day two, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, provided an epic example of how he’s using content in this way. He chose to give up his position as a Washington Post war correspondent to follow his passion: telling the stories of veterans. He teamed up with the CEO of Starbucks to create a campaign that focuses on world change rather than selling coffee. After reading the story of one of the veterans, he emphasized the need for authenticity in content. Readers will know if you’re not being authentic, and authenticity is absolutely necessary in order to have an impact on the world. He calls this form of content creation “Social-Impact Story Telling.” This is exactly what Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi were referring to when speaking on the privilege and honor of being a content creator. We can change the world.

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“Get your panic in early” – John Cleese #CMWorld (graphic recording by @kellykingman) pic.twitter.com/dvPPTXW1gg


A few other takeaways from Content Marketing World Day 2 and 3:

  • Rebecca Lieb reminded us of the often overlooked value of content. Measuring upsells, loyalty and retention can remind an organization of the immense value of content. Using customer generated content and creating blog posts that answer questions to cut back on customer service time can save a company in organizational costs. Content is more valuable than just clicks can make it seem.
  • Amy Higgins covered “101 ways to Repurpose Content” and showed how we can eek even more value out of one piece of content. She showed how one large piece of content can be divided up into slideshares, smaller ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, social media posts, and more.
  • John Cleese, the day three keynote provided one of our favorite pieces of advice. “Panic early, then use that energy for something else.” This applies to so much in life, not just content marketing!

Between the inspiration of each of the keynote speakers, the concert by Bare Naked Ladies, and the strategical and tactical advise on everything from SEO to print media, we’ve determined that Content Marketing World is a must attend event for those who use content in marketing. (And in our opinion, that should be everyone!) To hold us all over until the following conference, Joe Pulizzi has published his newest book, Content Inc. He details the process of starting a new business into six steps that will guide you in taking an idea and learning money with it. You can purchase here. It’s definitely on our reading list! We hope to meet more of you next year at Content Marketing World 2016!

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