What started out with a couple of SEO enthusiasts discussing the topic over a pint of beer in a Brighton pub has grown to one of the world’s most popular natural search conferences, BrightonSEO.

Held twice yearly, the next gathering will be happen on 2 September at The Brighton Centre.

Organisers say that the last event had room for 1 700 people, and tickets sold out in less than a minute.

What makes this conference different, according to the organizers, it it doesn’t just tell you ‘content is king’ or ‘don’t translate your site, localise it’; it’s hands-on, detailed and, above all, practical.

Topics that will be discussed and debated at the September meetup include:

  • creating persuasive content
  • using free machine learning APIs for SEO
  • why you need a content cull
  • how a afraid SEOs should be of JavaScript

Speakers to look forward to are Cosmin Negrescu, founder and CEO at SEOmonitor.com, Bas van den Beld who is Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant, Speaker and Trainer at State of Digital, and Martijn Scheijbeler, Director of Marketing at The Next Web.

As of now free tickets are ‘sold out’ but you can hurry to register for £100 friend tickets, or £450 training tickets.

Arrive early and train

The organizers have also made advanced and in-depth training in all things SEO possible for those arriving in Brighton a little earlier. There are also courses on advanced PPC (pay per click) that will be helping those who need an update on PPC learn what is hot, and what’s not, right now.

What makes BrightonSEO training different is the trainers won’t just give you an overview of what’s going on in the industry, they’ll give you a proper understanding and give you actionable training to take back to the office.

Another reason to go? Sekari’s MD Lee Mancini will be there to soak it all up.

Image: BrightonSEO at The Dome

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