How it works

Easy Package Selection

Your Zeentree is just three clicks away. All you have to decide is the amount and type of content you want each month, with the option to add a news curation service or reach more users with additional visits. Finally, all you have to do is select the language for your Zeentree publication.

It really is as simple as that.

Hassle-free Monthly Payments

Simply pay for your Zeentree via credit card and we will bill you monthly. There are no hidden costs - we only charge an initial set-up fee of $800 which includes everything from the selection of your writers to integrating your website with our publishing technology.

Easy Set-up….

As soon as you purchase your Zeentree, your dedicated Account Manager will be in touch to finalise the full content brief for your magazine content and give you access to your Zeentree dashboard - the hub for all your content management. Once you are comfortable with the system, your dedicated team of writers will turn your brief into original, compelling articles that connect your customers to your brand.

….and Integration

Zeentree seamlessy plugs in to your website and social media platforms, making publishing of your approved content quick and easy!

Your own website content is the most valuable asset in your digital marketing portfolio - it accentuates your brand philosophy, details your products and services succinctly and ultimately drives conversions. We understand this inherently and aim to fit seamlessly into your web content production team processes.

Current Connections

Simple Approval Process

For approval, all we require is your ‘Approved’ status in your Zeentree dashboard, or you can provide comments and feedback in order for us to make revisions. Revisions are made within 48 hours, ensuring a quick and efficient turnaround time. Once you are satisfied with your content, we then publish the approved articles directly to your website or you can be in control of what you do with your content next.