Frequently Asked Questions

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    I still don’t get it!

    Put simply, Zeentree provides you with everything you need to produce a professional magazine online. We even provide the content and publish it directly online to your website. All you have to do is provide us with a brief and we do all the work. We need your ongoing interaction in terms of article approval, but that’s it!

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    No problem! If you don’t already have a site, we will provide three designs for you to choose from, along with domain names suggestions and hosting. Et voila – your own magazine is up and running!

  • 3

    What happens to my magazine if I cancel?

    It’s all yours. If it’s a standalone site, we’ll even hand over the domain registration to you. We’re that nice!

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    If I do have a website that I want my magazine to be published on, how will you do that? Do I need to set anything up?

    Your account manager will help you with this process but all you need is admin rights on your current CMS (content management system). We’ll help you with the rest.

  • 5

    How will you know what to write?

    Our content brief is designed to get all the information we need to get to work on brainstorming ideas for the articles we will provide. All you need to do is supply as much information as you can and take some time to really give it some thought. This will be the most amount of work we’ll ever ask you to do, but it will be worth it! Promise!

  • 6

    Do I have to manage the writers?

    Not at all! We have a dedicated team behind the scenes dealing with your writers. You’ll just have one point of contact (an assigned account manager) who is dedicated to help you with all aspects of your magazine.

  • 7

    What are the hidden fees I’m going to run into once I sign up?

    Absolutely none! There is a one-off setup fee when you subscribe, and we do have certain upgrades, such as News Curation bolt-ons, but that’s honestly it. Of course you can always upgrade to other packages if you require more content.

  • 8

    Do I have to sign a contract for a certain length of time?

    You are subscribing to a 12 month contract, but you can cancel at any time provided you give us 14 days notice. If you cancel, you own the content and can walk away with all the work we’ve done.

  • 9

    How can you offer all these languages at the same cost?

    We’ve spent five years cultivating relationships with partners in many countries with our sister company. Therefore we have built up economies of scale with our current projects so we are able to drive down the cost of this product, whilst maintaining the quality.

  • 10

    Do I need to have a good understanding of the internet to use your services?

    Absolutely not, but if you do that’s great too! You really do just have to approve the articles we provide and we’ll do the rest. As long as you can use a keyboard to submit your content brief and sign off articles, then the rest will happen for you! To be honest, even if you can’t do that, I’m sure we’d find a way to help.

  • 11

    How can I contact you?

    Email us at and we’ll be in touch within 72 hours. If you have already purchased a subscription, please contact your Account Manager directly.

  • 12

    What’s the difference between news curation packages and the other packages?

    The articles created as part of your subscription are written by senior journalists and editors. They are all based on original thought, analysis and opinion. Original content attracts potential leads and customers and can really showcase your knowledge and expertise.

    News curation involves discovering and gathering relevant news regarding your industry, and presenting it to your readers in your own style. It is designed to enhance your original content strategy and extend its reach. It will also position you or your brand as the ‘go-to’ information resource in your industry.

    The bottom line is that original content creation takes more time and expertise. We can provide news curation quicker and faster.

  • 13

    What if I want to order more content than my package allows?

    No problem and we hope you do! Simply login Contact us at and we’ll help you through the process. to your account, select Upgrade and select your new package. Your new subscription will kick in at the start of your next billing month/renewal.

  • 14

    What is native advertising?

    We use platforms that allow us to publish and amplify your magazine articles on premium sites such as CNN, Forbes, MSN etc. The secret is that they look like news items on these sites but, when the user clicks on them, they come through to your Zeentree publication.

  • 15

    How can you guarantee visits to my Zeentree? Is it extra?

    We allocate a part of your subscription cost to native advertising for each of your articles, so no extra cost is involved. If you would like to invest more in this type of advertising, you have the option to add this to your subscription.

  • 16

    When will the other languages be available?

    We are already working with our partners to establish expert teams in Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, French. German, Farsi, Hebrew, Turkish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Italian and Korean. We’re hoping to be able to provide Zeentrees in these languages later this year.

  • 17

    I don’t understand Chinese/Russian/Arabic but I have ordered a Zeentree in this language. How can I be assured the writing is of good quality?

    We’re adamant that we never use translation software or automation to provide content in languages other than English. We use professional editors and journalists to write original content. They don’t repurpose English articles into foreign languages but, instead, write articles from scratch in their native language.